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Small Shop Cycles & Service typically stocks a selection of the best new bicycles you can find for under $899 .  Our stock is extremely limited, due to high demand and low supply!  The bikes we have are pictured on our Instagram.

To check what's currently available, search #smallshopcyclesinstock on Instagram

FYI, all of our bikes come with a 12 month service plan!  

The bikes pictured below are what we typically stock--however, we don't expect to have access to a steady stream of new bikes until the winter!

Jamis Coda Bike

Jamis Coda

Heads-up riding position for recreation & fitness

No frame material makes more sense on beat-up city streets than steel. Why? Hit a baseball with a wooden bat and then hit one with an aluminum bat and you’ll know why. You want your frame material to soak up the streets, not beat you with them!  Jamis' base model Coda comes with 21 speeds for easy shifting and rides smoothly in an upright, shoulders-forward position.  

Jamis Coda Sport

Jamis Coda Step-Over

Femme-specific hybrid 

All of the great features of the upright-riding Jamis Coda with a design for easy step-over and longer legs. Comes with 700x32c tires that are wide enough to handle city streets but narrow enough that you can keep up with the pack!

Jamis Coda Sport

Urban Commuter

The Coda Sport has a few nice upgrades from the base model that help you make longer rides efficient--the lightweight chro-moly steel frame is designed to put you in a slightly more forward position, letting you distribute your weight over the whole bike while still keeping that head up to see traffic!  Comes stocked with more gears, stronger rims, and puncture-resistant tires.

Jamis Coda Sport Femme

Do-it-all performance

Jamis' flagship city bike does it all, riding like a road bike with flat handlebars.  Smooth-rolling and puncture-resistant tires make the ride reliable and cuts your commute short!

Jamis Ventura Sport

Comfortable Speedy Performance

The latest Ventura Sports feature racing geometry with a lightweight carbon fork and a completely re-designed rear end to soften the edges for a more comfortable and confident ride. 

Jamis Ventura Sport Femme

Lightweight Road Racer

Jamis' femme versions offer women’s specific frame sizing & geometry and component selection, including anatomically adjusted top tube lengths, head & seat tube angles, fork rakes & women’s specific saddles, with handlebar, stem and crank lengths all dimensioned to optimally fit women for greater comfort & efficiency.  Carbon fork and lightweight frame make this a zippy option.

Jamis Renegade Exile

All-road Adventures

Jamis' line of Renegades keep winning awards!  The Exile is a gravel/adventure bike featuring hard-stopping disc brakes and wide enough tires that you can take on ANY road, from the potholes of King Drive to the gravel paths of Palos!  Fit on a rack and fenders to make it a commuter's dream.  Unisex design.

Small Shop is a tiny store, but we try to keep these bikes in stock in all of the most common sizes.  We chose these models because they're great values and come from reliable manufacturers like JamisRetrospec & Sun.  These brands make amazing bikes in all different styles!  If you're looking for something we don't regularly stock, please contact us and we can give you a couple of options which will help keep some money in the neighborhood.  Also, please note that not all of our bikes are posted online--come give us a visit and see what we've got!


Retrospec Mantra v2

Fixed Gear/Singlespeed

One of our most popular bikes due to simplicity and style, the Mantra gets you to and from quickly and safely.  A lightweight, comfortable frame and two brakes make this singlespeed worth a test ride.  Unisex design.

Retrospec Mars 7

Fully-featured Classic Style

Retrospec's Mars comes with 7 speeds, just enough to handle Chicago's winds and terrain.  While it's not the lightest bike in the bunch, along with it's sister, the Venus, it's the only model that comes already set up with full fenders, rack, and a bell!

Retrospec Venus 7

Classy retro cruising

Easy shifting, upright handling, and the protection and convenience of fenders and rack make this classically styled frame a blast to ride!

Sun Streamway 7

Easy step-thru cruiser

We first started stocking this because cycling is often recommended after knee or hip surgeries and the design of this frame makes it EASY to hop on and off!  But we found out that everybody loves the easy-riding design of this bike!  7-speeds means you can handle any hill in Chicago and the fenders keep the puddles off of your clothes.

Critical Cub Balance Bike

Skip the training wheels!

Balance Bikes are the easiest way for a child to learn the basics of riding a bike!  This bike has no crank so a toddler can master balance before worrying about pedals.  Fits children up to 3'2".

Sun Matrix

Available in 16" or 20"

The Sun Matrix has a coaster brake and a hand brake, and the 16" version comes with optional training wheels.   16" bike fits 3' + and the 20" fits 3'6" +.   A reliable first bike!

Sun Flower Power

Available in 16" or 20"

Like the Matrix, the Sun Flower Power has a coaster brake and a hand brake, and the 16" version comes with optional training wheels.  16" bike fits 3' + and the 20" fits 3'6" +.  A reliable first bike!  

Jamis Trail XR.26

Grown-up quality in a small frame

The XR.26 is a youth-sized hybrid that has two strong brakes, a full range of gears (21-speed), and tires that will safely roll over any city obstacle.  The extra-small frame fits 4'+